Faust Oakfist (Nordodonn)

Wood-Elf Monk


Personality Traits: Kind, empathetic, helpful, respectful and non-judgmental

Ideals: Respect. All beings deserve a chance to show goodness.

Bonds: He feels compelled to defend and aid those in genuine need. He resents those with power who wield it cruelly or to repress the less fortunate. He is forever indebted to the monastery that helped me master his emotions.

Flaws: Calmness is a bit of a struggle. As a youngster, he was quick to anger and violence. He fears that could return.


As a young elf, he was quick to anger and violence. He witnessed the son of a powerful elf family bullying and beating another elf. Faust beat the bully to near death. That boy’s father wanted to press charges, so Faust’s family secreted him away. A monastery agreed to take him in. There, he learned the martial arts and how to control his temper. Having reached adulthood at 102, the high monks have instructed Faust to venture into the world to spread a message of peace and cooperation as well as protect those that need aid. The monastery comprised of several races living in harmony. Child name was Fyrbwyll (Fyrb) Upon his entering adulthood, he choose the name of Faust.

Monastery was “The Order of the Open Arms and Watchful Fists” (Ilmater is venerated)

Faust Oakfist (Nordodonn)

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